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Pet Behavior Training


A well-trained pet adds to a positive home environment for every family. Our professional staff offers extensive experience in addressing the behavioral issues and training concerns for a wide range of pet owners.

Pets that show aggression, soil in the house, or refuse to obey simple commands leave owners frustrated; many of these unruly pets end up in shelters or abandoned. Simple techniques for basic training will relieve this frustration and enhance the pet/owner relationship.

Your South Wilton veterinary professionals can help determine if there is a physical issue causing problem behaviors such as an undiagnosed illness or intestinal parasites, or if basic training techniques are recommended. Even changes in the make-up of your family or a move to a new home can cause a behavioral change in a pet.

As soon as you identify a problem behavior, we work with you to find the cause and offer resources to assist you in restoring a positive relationship with your animal companion. Contact our clinic with questions and concerns about your pet's behavior.


Dog Training



Pet Training Resources

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has a variety of good articles on common behavior problems for pet owners.

Find many articles and videos for basic dog and cat training techniques by visiting the Petfinder website.


For information about our training classes, please contact us at info@southwiltonvet.com.