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Pet Nutrition


Pet nutrition is the foundation for ongoing wellness, longevity, and a positive pet owner experience. Your South Wilton veterinary professionals are pleased to support you in finding the proper balance of nutritional products and diet for your animal companion.

At every wellness visit, we discuss your pet's specific nutritional needs based on lifestyle, age, breed or type, and activity level. We then create a dietary plan designed to enhance physical condition and support a goal of optimum health.

Weight & Nutrition in Pets

Obesity is one of the biggest health issues affecting pets. Overweight animals face a variety of potential problems, from heart disease to joint issues, and these pets experience a dramatic reduction in longevity.

Proper nutritional management is a major component in obesity treatment and prevention. Your South Wilton veterinarian evaluates your pet's weight and body fat at every wellness visit. We offer this calorie worksheet to help you assess your pet's need for a weight reduction plan.

Typically, we assess dogs and cats with a body condition score (BCS). Ideally, your pet will be well-proportioned, with its waist observed behind its ribs when viewed from above, ribs that are noticeable and easily touched with a slight fat covering, and minimal fat on the abdomen. When viewed from the side, pets should have a "tucked up" abdomen (i.e., no belly).

View a body condition scoring chart for dogs and cats.

We assist you in identifying the appropriate food and treat products for your pet. Reading food labels, limiting calories, and increasing activity are all helpful in addressing obesity in your animal companion.



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