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Diagnostics & Imaging


Our animal companions often have injuries or illnesses that appear deceptively simple or may even be completely hidden from view. Especially at that time, diagnostic experience and technology are important to your pet. South Wilton Veterinary Group offers you both in our diagnostic imaging department.

Correct diagnosis requires expert interpretation of test results by our highly skilled professionals using the finest diagnostic technology available. From high-definition digital radiology to the advanced technology of ultrasound and endoscopy, your pet receives the ultimate in service. A board-certified internal medicine specialist examines our ultrasound images and radiographs for the most professional pet health care available.

Identifying the cause, providing appropriate treatment, offering the most qualified professionals, and extending unparalleled customer service to every pet owner—expect excellence from South Wilton Veterinary Group.


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Veterinary X-rays & Digital Radiology

Pet Ultrasound


Flexible Endoscopy

Rigid Storz Video Endoscopy

In-House Laboratory