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Preventative Care & Vaccinations


Prevention is the gold standard in pet health care. The veterinary professionals at South Wilton Veterinary Group make every effort to prevent problems before they start through the use of regular exams, routine blood work and testing, and vaccinations tailored to the needs of each pet.

We recommend that your pet receive wellness examinations by one of our veterinarians every six months:


  • Dogs, cats, ferrets, and birds are offered a vaccine protocol specific to the individual animal's needs.
  • Post-purchase blood tests and fecal gram stains are recommended for new pet birds.
  • Geriatric profiling, including blood and urine tests, is encouraged for all dogs and cats over the age of 7.

Our diagnostic services are enhanced through the use of the latest in veterinary technology, including radiology, endoscopy, and ultrasound, all available at South Wilton Veterinary Group.


Pet Wellness Exams

Pet Vaccinations

Microchipping Your Pet