Wellness Plans for Birds

Sign your bird up for our comprehensive Pet Wellness Plan and you'll rest easy with an affordable plan. This plan offers all the basics, from regular exams to the laboratory tests every bird in the Fairfield County area needs to ensure a healthy life.

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Wellness Plan

Only$3450Per Month

Save Over $73/Year

Birds, South Wilton Veterinary Group

South Wilton Veterinary Group

Cost Comparison

Bird Wellness Plan

For parrots, cockatiels, etc

Services No Plan With Plan
Wellness Exam $112.00
Avain Chem/CBC Test $149.25
Two Yearly Gram Stains $114.00
Bi-annual Wellness Exam $112.00
Total $487.25 $414.00
SAVE $73.25

Get Unlimited Wellness Exams for an Extra $10/mo

This Wellness Plan add-on covers the exam fee anytime your pet is not feeling well. If your dog seems out of sorts, bring him or her in for an exam with one of our doctors to ensure what seems like a small concern today doesn’t turn into a major medical issue.

Wellness Plan FAQs

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