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Veterinary Surgery in South Wilton

At South Wilton Veterinary Group, our Fairfield County vets perform soft tissue surgery, ocular surgery, spay & neuter procedures, and c-sections.

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Veterinary Surgery

Our South Wilton veterinarians provide a range of surgical procedures for cats and dogs, using sterile surgical techniques and stringent surgical protocols.

Before veterinary surgery, your pet is examined by a veterinarian, and pre-anesthetic blood work and an ECG are performed.

During the procedure, a veterinary technician monitors heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and blood oxygen levels until your pet is alert and recovered from anesthesia.

Post-operative monitoring and pain management, and thorough instructions for at-home care, will be provided after the procedure so that we can get your pet feeling better as soon as possible.

Surgery, South Wilton

Surgical Procedures

At our South Wilton veterinary hospital, we routinely perform the following elective and non-elective surgeries.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer soft tissue surgical procedures for pets suffering from ear, nose, and throat disorders, as well as cardiothoracic, hepatic, gastrointestinal, urogenital, skin, and oncological disorders.


Cesarean sections are the surgical removal of puppies or kittens from the uterus. We typically perform c-sections in emergency situations where the mother is unable to give birth naturally.

Ocular Surgery

Our veterinarians can perform eye enucleation when the eye is painful or with significant trauma where the eye cannot be saved.

Spaying & Neutering

Spaying and neutering are the surgical sterilization of an animal to prevent disease and provide them with an extended life expectancy.

Dental Surgery

Our veterinarians provide oral surgery for dogs and cats.

The Surgery Process

We know that it can be frightening for our clients to learn that their pets need surgery. Please rest assured that we always have the best interests of the animal in mind when we recommend surgery.

We will make sure that you  fully understand why we are making a recommendation for surgery, and that you are comfortable making the decision to go ahead.

Surgical protocols at our clinic include:

Pre-surgical assessments. We will verify the specifics of the procedure, conduct a physical examination of the patient, and ensure blood tests have been completed and reviewed by the vet in order to determine if your pet faces any risk of anesthesia-related complications.

Dedicated surgical suites. Surgeries are performed in a room used for that purpose only. Our surgical suite is kept completely sterile in this way to prevent infection and cross-contamination.

Surgical attire. Our staff wear disposable caps and masks at all times when they are in the surgical suite. Those involved in the procedure itself will also wear sterile gowns and single-use gloves.

Sterile packs and equipment. Our surgical instruments and equipment are scrupulously cleaned, sterilized, and wrapped prior to every surgical procedure.

Surgical Lasers

Lasers generate beams of light energy at a specific wavelength. This wavelength is absorbed by the water in skin and other soft tissue, allowing us to make incisions in tissue by vaporizing the cells.

The extent to which the laser beam is absorbed into the surrounding tissue can be very precisely controlled by the surgeon, resulting in less pain, reduced bleeding, and a lower risk of infection compared to traditional surgical procedures.

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