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3 Exciting Exotic Birds You Could Keep as a Pet

Some pet owners look for kindness and friendliness in their birds when they are looking for pets, and these characteristics are desirable. But you may also value how beautiful your prospective new pet will appear, and how unique they are. Here, our South Wilton Veterinary Group vets will walk you through 3 exotic birds and what you need to know before you consider adopting them into your home.

Black Palm Cockatoo

Species Info

Weight: 31 - 42 ounces

Length: 20 inches

Physical Characteristics: The striking Palm Cockatoo is the largest cockatoo and likely the largest parrot in Australia. They have a large crest and one of the largest bills of any parrot.

They have distinctive red patches on their cheeks and powerful bills for breaking nuts and breaking sticks to use in drumming displays. 

Back Palm Cockatoos can make good pets and are incredibly intelligent, although they aren't inclined to be very affectionate. These birds will need careful training before becoming anyone's pet.

These bold birds are only recommended for experienced parrot owners who know how to handle bad behavior and challenging large birds.  

African Grey

Species Info

Weight: 14 ounces

Length: 13 inches

Physical Characteristics: The African Grey is an incredibly popular parrot for pet bird owners. And this is for good reason!

This medium-sized bird fittingly has grey feathers with white ends covering its body. Its tail feathers are a striking red. Not only is the African Grey a beautiful bird, but it is also generally considered to be the most intelligent parrot. 

These parrots are known best for their exceptional understanding of human language. They can add hundreds and hundreds of human words to their vocabulary. 

The African Grey's ability to build its vocabulary will depend on its relationship to its owner, as they tend to attach to only one person. Plenty of love and treats will help them quickly improve their ability to talk.

Archangel Pigeons

Species Info

Weight: 12 ounces

Length: 13 to 14 inches

Physical Characteristics: This breed of domesticated pigeon (often known as a fancy pigeon)  is descended from the rock dove. This is a very old breed of pigeon and had striking coloration.

The Archangel Pigeon's head is a gorgeous metallic copper color and its body is either silver or golden too. This breed can learn how to fly and generally lives for about 7 years.

Like all domesticated pigeons, the Archangel Pigeon is gorgeous, gentle, and smart. They make excellent pets for first-time bird owners.

If you are considering purchasing an exotic bird as a pet, look no further than our Fairfield County veterinary team. We can advise you on what the healthcare needs of your prospective pet will be and offer quality veterinary care after you adopt them into your home.

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